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Artist Manifesto

I, Eleanor, am a solo artist working within a network of amazing creatives in New York City. As a designer I primarily refashion and upcycle waste materials into garments and wearable art couture. Sustainability and reuse are strong values within my creative process as well as the ethical fashion principles of paying garment workers the living wages they deserve for their work. I believe in gender fluidity, sex positivity, inclusivity, societal empathy, and the celebration of true self-expression. It’s time we let go of who we think we should be and fully embrace who we are. That’s what I am striving to do with this brand. It sounds overstated, but still needs to be emphasized: our differences make us beautiful. Let us celebrate that together with pride.


Though I know I will not always conduct myself perfectly in tune with each of these values, I vow to strive to do so and continue to make improvements as I learn and grow.


Stay curious,



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