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  a  Hoarder's ragdoll| 


This collection was conceived under the idea of never buying a single yard of new fabric. The project began while Eleanor was studying fashion design at Pratt Institute, and was reimagined in late 2017. Materials were gathered from others' leftover projects in a variety of colors, prints, and yardages to create a cohesive collection of scraps.

As she started developing her initial concepts for this collection, Eleanor's ideas escalated out of her regulation of materials. First, many of the scavenged fabrics needed to be dyed to fit the moody color story of the collection. Any print with a white undertone received at least one Rit dye bath to deepen its shade. 

By taking scraps of different patterns and colors, she quilted and apliqued her scraps into a richly textured form of pointillism. 


    creative process    


Creating a garment from scratch usually creates excessive waste from scraps left behind during the cutting process. For this collection, every pattern piece had to be cut from the scavenged fabric before committing the rest to quilting scrap.


Thread detailing and waste became a major element of texture and detail within this ragged collection. Normally the tail threads are removed from garments within the sewing process. Instead, most of Eleanor's tail threads were incorporated into the designs as a form of fringe as one can see in the dress to the left. 

To the right quilted thread detailing can be shown. Each panel was quilted together -- looping the tail threads back into the next row of stitching. The panels were then french seamed together, leaving thread loops exposed for a furry texture along each seam. 

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