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About Eleanor

Eleanor Alone is a wearable art designer based in Brooklyn, NY. As an insatiable creative, she enjoys incorporating scrap textiles and waste materials into her designs to avoid contributing to the landfill buildup on our planet. Eleanor creates material driven couture for events, fashion shoots, individual clients, music videos and creative collaborative projects.

Eleanor has been sewing, crafting, and upcycling since childhood and became obsessed with garment construction as a young adult. She pursued this passion by moving to New York City to attend Pratt Institute's Fashion Design program. There she learned techniques of garment construction and design on which she has built upon for the last decade. Eleanor has since established a career working with costumes for theater, film, couture, and editorial fashion. 

A compulsive hoarder of second hand materials, reuse is a strong theme within Eleanor's work. The rise of fast fashion, garment worker exploitation, and wasteful consumption drive Eleanor to upcycle. Designing within material limitations also kindles her creativity. Most recently Eleanor has become fascinated by flirting with nudity in her work.  As the body moves, subtle glimpses of skin are revealed in an ode to the human form. Erasing the confines of modesty is an exciting new frontier in Eleanor's design process to celebrate both the garment and the natural being wearing it. 



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